Working with Elders and Families - Ruth C. Cohen, MSW, LCSW
For over 35 years, Ruth Cohen has been providing exceptional geriatric care management services to elders and their families in Portland, Oregon and Kansas City, Missouri. This makes her highly qualified to understand and navigate the challenges presented to family members during the aging process.

Many of the conflicts that arise between elders and family members are a result of inadequate and ineffective communication. Conflict may arise over where care is to be provided and how services will be paid. There may be differences of opinion regarding end-of-life care and whether life should be prolonged. Conflict may be managed by improving communication between family members and the elder.

The primary focus of her practice is working with complex legal cases in which family conflict is impacting the quality of life of the elder.

Ruth is also available to consult with elders and their families before conflict arises in order to improve communication and make decisions for the future that will impact the elder's quality of life.

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